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Venue: Modena, June 2016               Previous meetings:  Paris, Kick-off, Oct 2013 Porto, Mid-term, Sept 2014  St Andrews, Aug 2015 Interim meetings:  Heidleberg, Oct 2013  FBDD  Paris, Dec 2013    Synergy  Nimes, Dec 2013  Chemoproteomics Basel, Jan 2016   Scientific Advisory                              Board meeting  Synergy meetings (open  scientific meetings between the  four FP7 EU projects)  Porto, Sept 2014  Modena, June 2016  EU FP7 work programme :  HEALTH.2013.2.3.4-2: Drug development for neglected parasitic diseases. FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1. Duration: 36 months Scientific oordinator Dr. Jane MacDougall PhD jmacdougall@photeomix.com  
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Consortium Meetings

Kick-off meeting, Paris Oct 2013. Attended by the majority  of the consortium members, this meeting was an opportunity  for the many of the principal investigators to meet face to  face for the first time. With twelve work packages to discuss  and many consortium members new to the field of neglected  infectious diseases, the agenda was very full.  To put the  objectives of the project into perspective, Prof Jim McKerrow  presented an overview of the three diseases, their causative  agents and the limitations of the drugs currently available.  This served as an ideal starting point for discussion of the  work packages and for partners to describe their vision and  commitment to achieving the project’s goals. 

Interim meetings

WP3 group meeting,  Heidelberg  Oct 2013. This  full day meeting was  organised to discuss fragment  based screening and  structure based design.  Hosted by Graffinity in their  state-of-the-art labs, it  provided an opportunity to  discuss many aspects of  fragment based drug discovery against selected recombinant  targets of the kinetoplastid parasites.  Interim synergy group meeting,  Paris  Dec 2013. This  meeting took  place at the Pasteur Institute, Paris  around the meeting to celebrate the  10th aniversary of the Drugs against  Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi).  Members of the four consortia  awarded FP7 grants in the 2013  EU FP7 work programme :  HEALTH.2013.2.3.4-2: Drug  development for neglected parasitic diseases were present.  This provided an ideal opportunity to discuss potential  synergies between the KINDReD programme with the other  corsortia (A-PARADDISE, NMTrypI and PDE4NPD). 

Mid-term meetings

Porto Sept 2014. A two-day meeting, attended by the  majority of the consortium members, and the scientific  advisory board, this meeting allowed discussion of progress  over the first year of the project. Scientic meeting was hosted  by the IBMC, Porto. http://www.ibmc.up.pt/kindred-  meeting/about_porto.html The meeting was followed by a full-  day synergy meeting with members from the A-PARADDISE,  NMTrypI and PDE4NPD consortia.  St Andrews Aug 2015. A two-day meeting, to discuss  significant scientific progress over the second year of the  project, following the sucessful submission and acceptance  of the mid-term report by the EU project office.   Modena June 2016. A one-day final meeting, to discuss  significant scientific progress over the third year of the  project. The meeting is followed by a 2 day Synergy meeting  uniting partners from all four FP7 funded neglected parasitic  disease projects with other scientists in an open discussion.
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