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Three related protozoan parasites.... three different insect vectors...... three very different diseases..... all potentially devastating.

Our Key Objectives

To bring promising anti- trypanosomatid drug discovery initiatives forward with the help of key experts in industry and academia to create a unique and powerful drug discovery platform with the common objective of advancing promising laboratory- driven discoveries into clinical utility. EU FP7 work programme :  HEALTH.2013.2.3.4-2: Drug development for neglected parasitic diseases. FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1. Duration: 36 months Scientific oordinator Dr. Jane MacDougall PhD jmacdougall@photeomix.com  
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Drugs against neglected parasitic diseases

The trypanosomatid diseases, Leishmaniasis, Human African  trypanosomiasis and Chagas disease, continue to impart a  heavy toll on human health, affecting millions of people  worldwide, particularly those living in the economically  poorest countries. The handful of treatments available to  control this enormous heath burden is limited by serious  adverse effects, high costs, difficulties in administration and  the ever advancing spectre of drug resistance.  Whilst several drug candidates are  under review at the preclinical  trials stage, the pipeline remains  sparse. There has been general  market inertia to translate recent  scientific and technological  advances into the discovery of  potent, safe drug candidates  against this devastating group of  protozoan parasites.   The KINDReD consortium has been drawn together from  academia and industry to strengthen and advance the current  drug development pipeline. Our ambition is to bring much  needed new drug candidates through the preclinical  development process with the ultimate aim of gaining  regulatory approval for initial phase I clinical trials for each of  the three major trypanosomatid diseases. 
  Kinetoplastid Drug Development strengthening the preclinical pipeline
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